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The contribution of Extension Advice and Services in Aquaculture and Fisheries management in Nigeria - Abstract 1

Distretto della Pesca e Crescita Blu – Abstract 2

In the Footsteps of their Fathers: Occupational Inheritance in Swedish Fisheries – Abstract 3

DAMARA: Developing a decision support tool for mixed fisheries management in the Celtic Sea – Abstract 4

Socio-economic advice in the allocation of quota – Abstract 5

Economic Impact Assessment of Landing Obligations: economic and choke analysis for policy levers – Abstract 6

Promoting selective fisheries through certification? An analysis of the PNA unassociated-sets purse seine fishery – Abstract 7

The use of detailed positioning data from the AIS system to map spatial relations between fishing coastal communities, fishing grounds and markets – Abstract 8

The socio-economic status of fisheries in the Eastern Mediterranean – Abstract 9

Co-creation and stakeholder platform in the SUCCESS project: A tool for facilitating the provision of economic advice – Abstract 10

How research projects can contribute to the development of efficient Community-led projects – Abstract 11

The economics of Polish fish processors as the component of European salmon supply chain – Abstract 12

Impact assessments in the EU – results from the SOCIOEC project – Abstract 13

Non Tariff Measures in Fisheries – The EU Perspective – Abstract 14

A Policy Dashboard for Evaluating Fisheries Sustainability – Abstract 15

Comparative analysis of systems of penalties for offenses and administrative violations in the fisheries sector adopted in the EU, in line with the guidelines contained
in the European regulations. The problem of illegal fishing in Europe : IUU Fishing – Abstract 16

Satoumi: A comprehensive survey of Japanese literature – Abstract 17

FAME – Abstract 18

Socioeconomic advice – linking fisheries management to individual fishermen and their families – Abstract 19

Reimagining fisheries management: an agent based approach – Abstract 20

Political overfishing: Social-economic drivers in TAC setting decisions – Abstract 21

Relational capital in fishing communities: the case of the Stretto Coast FLAG area in Southern Italy – Abstract 22

Socioeconomic performance of fisheries in the Stretto Coast FLAG in Southern Italy – Abstract 23

The PrimeFish project, developing innovative toolbox to strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of European seafood – Abstract 24

Integrated Coastal Zone Management: an example of multidisciplinary approach in Campania region – Southern Italy – Abstract 25

Trade for all? What is the EU Trade policy doing for you? – Abstract 26

EU External Fleet: How to make their activity transparent, accountable and sustainable - a new and more effective EU Fishing Authorisation Regulation – Abstract 27

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF): The allocation of total public budget across and within EU Member States – Abstract 28

A tale of two acronyms: CPR and RBM in fisheries economic advice – Abstract 29

Opportunities for sustainable management of landing facilities in the anchorages Nilwella and Kottegoda in the Matara Region of Sri Lanka – Abstract 30

Analyzing fishery cooperatives for developing specific policy advice in Turkey – Abstract 31

Drivers affecting trawl fishers discarding behaviour and potential incentives which may contribute to the successful implementation of the landings obligation in the
Mediterranean – Abstract 32

Community Led Local Development in coastal areas – Poster 1

EUMOFA – Poster 2

Understanding the Social-Economic Dimensions of the Scottish Fishing Fleet – Poster 3



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